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John Reid is an extremely talented topline writer, who has written hit after hit for the likes of Tina Turner, Rod Stewart, Leona Lewis, Westlife and more. Originally starting out as part of the ‘Nightcrawlers’, John wrote their huge international crossover dance hit ‘Push The Feeling On’.


John has written songs such as ‘When the Heartache is Over’ for Tina Turner, Rod Stewarts' ‘Run Back Into Your Arms’ and ‘Questo Vi Prometto’ for Andrea Bocellli. More recently he has written for Lawson ahead of their 2015 album, Latin sensation Abraham Mateo and Keith Urbans massive US number 1 'Only You Can Love Me This Way' which won him BMI song of the year and was the most played song on US radio by a European writer.


One of the most significant songs John has written - ‘A Moment Like This’ was a huge hit for American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson which topped the US charts. It then became a massive smash for UK X Factor winner Leona Lewis making it the biggest single selling single of the year with a total of 571,253 copies in its first week, outselling the rest of the Top 40 combined. John went on to be awarded an Ivor Nevollo award for the track.


John has also written tracks for the likes of Il Divo and Westlife who have sold over 100 million records.


John continues to write hits between the UK, Sweden, LA and Nashville.

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